Writing Guideline



Prepare and submit your manuscript on the provided template that can be found here.


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Writing Guideline

Your manuscript should be written with word processing software on A4 size paper. Language can be in Bahasa Indonesia or English (UK), however, we encourage you to use English to better reach audiences. 

Please follow the rules regarding font's size, type, spacing, style as you can also find in the doc template"

  1. Title, Abstract and Keywords
    • The title, Abstract and Keywords must be written in bilingual.
    • The title is written using Cambria 12, bold, left aligned, maximum 12 words
    • Abstracts are no more than 200 words, Calibri 10, 1.15 space, contains a brief background, objectives, methods and results or findings of the study. Abstract is written in one paragraph.
    • Keywords are written in Indonesia and English 3-5 words/phrases and consist of important words/phrases from the article.
  2. Author's name, affiliation, affiliation address and email. State clearly and include email and affiliation address.
  3. Introduction.State adequate background, issues and objectives. Please address the problem and clearly state the aims of your study.
  4. Literature review/related work/desktop study. This section contains state of the art related to your study. You can also include similar works or works related to your paper.
  5. Method. Explain briefly and clearly your methodology, analysis techniques clearly.
  6. Result and Discussion. Results should be clear, concise and not in the form of raw data. Discussion should explore the significance of the results of the work, not repeat them.  
  7. Conclusion. Conclusion should lead the reader to an important matter of the study. Authors are allowed to include a suggestion or recommendation in this section. Write conclusion, suggestion and/or recommendation in narrative form (avoid of using bulleting and numbering)
  8. Acknowledgments. It is highly recommended to acknowledge a person and/or organizations helping the authors in many ways. Sponsor and financial support acknowledgments should be included in this section. Should you have lots of parties to be acknowledged, state your acknowledgments only in one paragraph. Avoid of using bulleting and numbering in this section
  9. Bibliography (examples could be seen below)
    • Bibliography must  be written in an APA-Style format and it is highly recommended to use  a reference manager application such as Mendeley, ZoteroEndNote, etc. Further explanation about the APA-Style can be seen here
    • The number of references are not less than 10 with at least 8 primary references. Primary references are include journal, thesis, disertation and all kinds of research reports. All refferences must be published within 7 years, unless seminal works.
    • Avoid citing from Wikipedia, personal blog, or non scientific website, unless your manuscript studying about that. 
    • Avoid writing in footnotes or endnotes. Footnotes and endnotes are used only if you need to extend your explanation related to what you said in just 1 sentence.
  1. Appendix (if any)
    • Mark it as Appendix [#number]: [Title]
    • Table name should start with A-[#number]
    • Figure name should start with A-[#number]
  1. Additional Rule
  1. Heading. Authors are allowed to write heading up to level 3, the provision as follows:
    • Heading 1: Cambria 20, bold, left-aligned
    • Heading 2, Heading 3: Cambria 12, left aligned
    • Numbering using Arabic numerals, with the following format:

                      1. (Style : Heading 1)
                      1.1 (Style : Heading 2)
                      1.1.1 (Style : Heading 3)

           Should you needs more numbering style, please refer to this rule:








           Avoid using "bullets" in the manuscript

  1. Figure. Each figure/graphic must be accompanied with Figure's number indicates the order of figures. Figure's number does not include section number(i.e Figure 1, Figure 2, etc.). Numbering and title are written below corresponding figure/graphic  and center justified. Figure/graphic's source is written in parentheses after the title

  2. Table. Each table must be accompanied with Table's number indicates the order of Tables. Table's number does not include chapter number (eg Table 1, Table 2, etc.). Number and title of the table are written above the table and center justified. Tables are presented without vertical lines. Table's source is placed under the table and left justified. Table contents must be editable and not in the form of images.

  1. Mathematical Equation/Formula. The mathematical equation should be written clearly, and must be numbered without including the number of chapters and equipped with information as needed.